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At Digital Mediums, we specialize in the design and development of custom web sites and web based applications. Every client is different and requires a unique solution to best fit their needs. We take the time to understand your target market and work closely with you to develop a clear set of goals for your online presence. Along the way, we help you to identify potential obstacles and recognize opportunities that you may not have initially considered. We don’t simply build websites, we build businesses.

Intelligent Design – Everyone’s heard the old saying, “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” We understand that on the internet, people do. First impressions are key and DM makes sure you’re dressed to impress. Dress smart, look smart.

Rich Internet Applications – Looks aren’t everything… you’ve also got to walk the walk. We’ll make your website run, skip, jump, even dance a little jig. From automating your business operations to streamlining your customer experience, rich internet applications can not only meet these needs, but provide the most accessible and scalable solutions that will help your business thrive.

Hyper Interactive – Once you’ve got their attention, you’ve got to keep it. Whether it’s streaming video, dynamic information, an animated Adobe Flash experience, or all of the above, your content has to be engaging. Simon says “pay attention to me!”

  • Custom CMS / Joomla / WordPress
  • Database Design and Implementation
  • User Interface / Information Architecture
  • Flash Development and Design

Online Marketing

If a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it, does it make a sound? Nope. Not even a wimper. Which is why we always use standard SEO practices to maximize your visibilty on the web. A little bit of this… a whole lot of that. We work with you to develop a marketing solution that is right for your needs. Whether it’s in cash or in traffic, we work hard to help our clients get a solid return on their investment.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Site Statistics /Analytics
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Ad Campaign Management


Interactive computer kiosks provide a wide array of services that can improve efficiency and reduce cost by automating functions that do not require a physical employee. The key to a successful kiosk is to maintain the same level of service and reliability.

  • Customized kiosk application programming
  • User appropriate interface design
  • Hardware integration
  • Integration with online and business applications

Custom Mobile Applications

Go Mobile – extend your network to remote users. On-site operations or on-the-road, let us help you extend your reach to a remote user utilizing Google’s Android platform or Apple’s iPhone along with a custom tailored application built specifically for your business. We can help you create unique ways to browse and manipulate important data – right from the palm of your hand.

  • Sales Force Automation
  • Field Measurements
  • Customer Data Collection

Managed Hosting

Managed hosting for both your global presence and your local applications’ requirements. Digital Mediums offers the highest quality of service for customer applications that are critical to their business including all internet, intranet and extranet application hosting. DM’s state of the art hosting facility allows interactive client companies to globally and securely extend their e-business initiatives, delivering an excellent customer experience while focusing on their core business.


HiRez Network

HiRez Flex for travel agencies boasts unparalleled tools to help you manage the activities, vendors, and events you work with. With its powerful reservation system at its core, HiRez Flex provides you with an end to end business solution beginning from contract management to sales to accounting integration. HiRez Flex for travel agencies has made controlling the content within all your sales channels much easier and more cost effective by centralizing the information. This allows you to repurpose the content throughout your sales organization.

HiRez Flex for activity vendors gives you back control of how your activities are presented and managed throughout the sales process. From complete agency management features that allow for flexible pricing structures making it easy to customize pricing for each agency, to giving you complete control over your inventory allowing you to get real-time counts and make up-to-the-minute adjustments at any time. The system will also greatly reduce phone calls from agencies freeing up the lines for your sales agents to handle direct sales. All this and more built on one of the best reservation engines on the market today.

  • Reservations & Booking
  • Tour/Event Management
  • Integrated Website Booking Engine Module
  • Electronic B2B (Business to Business)
  • Reporting & Analysis Tools
  • Integrated Accounting & Financial Management
  • Agency/Vendor Management


The DMailer e-mail campaign developed by Digital Mediums (DM) enables users to create e-promotions and e-newsletters by using client branded e-mail template designs. It manages distribution lists and monitors response rates.

The DMailer is capable of accomplishing all of your e-mail related campaigns while facilitating the development of new communication strategies, encompassing both online surveys and promotions.

  • Build and manage multiple distribution lists
  • Create branded e-mail promotions and newsletters
  • Integrate with existing databases or use as your primary database
  • Monitor response rates


Give your Web site visitors an interactive experience with an E-brochure. Use your existing brochure design or create a custom application that includes page-turning capabilities, integrated multimedia and Flash graphics.

DM can also develop custom features that can be integrated into the application such as interactive maps, forms and file downloads.

  • Extend value of pre-existing brochure design
  • Increase interactivity on your existing Web site
  • Develop for online and offline use
  • Sales and marketing tool


Sell online with confidence with a customized e-commerce shopping cart integrated with your Web site. Manage your inventory, track sales, process payments and maintain customer communication through a Web-based administration console that allow users to have remote access.

  • Product catalog and shopping cart
  • Product inventory and order management
  • Credit card processing
  • Login and anonymous shopping
  • Simple shipping and sales tax
  • Customer purchase history
  • Usage logs

Content Management System

On the Web, fresh content is imperative to keeping your Web site updated. It is also a critical component of building and maintaining site traffic. For clients who have the desire and capacity to manage the content on their Web site, DM offers a complete content management system that will give you full control over the content of your Web site, as well as the ability to manage the look and feel of the Web pages.

  • Non-technical WYSIWYG user controls
  • Integrated graphic and Flash design
  • Real-time site update capability
  • Advanced functionality integration capability
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